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"To say that this was the best program we have ever had would be an understatement!  Denis fully engaged our staff and was the best morale booster this organization has seen in the last 25 years. Words do not express the effect your program had on us in a

time when funding has been reduced and pay raises are

a faint memory."


~ Lawerance R. Ulrich

   Executive Director, CEO

  Four County Counseling Center


"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. ”


          ~Georgia O'Keeffe




Jeane L. Heckert  has been an artist since she first grabbed a crayon and  began coloring. She is a fine artist, potter, graphic designer and childrens book illustrator.  She founded her business VisionMaker Graphics in 1977, and has been published in over

10 books, with a focus on children & families, art education, and  insight into special needs for children, pets and other matters

of the heart. Jeane is also an art instructor at Monart Drawing Studio, teaching children how to draw and paint.


Jeane is an illustrator, and her delightful characters can be found in "Art From My Heart", a activity book for children and parents to increase awareness for personal and community growth, "Strange World Journal", a poetry journal for children to learn about poetry and create some of their own, "Wag Your Tail", a short story about a dog for young children, "The 10 Demandments of Creativity" a creative idea book for parents to help get their creative joiuces flowing with their children, Bubbles & Butterflies - Yoga Music for Children and a series of christian early education curriculum, among others.


Web design is another of her services that include her illustrations within the branding of small businesses. Visit these websites to see more of her work and to help support the many great small business owners that work with children and families.



Professor Denis R. Berkson is the nationally known Creative Crusader. Professor Berkson is considered one of the country's leading authorities in the field of creative thinking. He is the author of "The Different Drummer Handbook" and "The Ten Demandments of Creativity". He was the chairman of the Oakton Community College Performing Arts Department for over thirty years, during which time he was named Teacher of the Year. He is a two time winner of the "National Excellence in Teaching Award" and is the past president of Wordplay and Associates Communications Company. 

Denis has conducted workshops, seminars, and keynotes addresses for leading businesses and Universities including: Northwestern University, National Lewis University, University of Illinois, Texas A&M University, Vassar College, Nordstrom, Kraft Foods, Hallmark Cards, Marriott International, Hilton International, and Gerber Foods. He has also been a presenter at a diverse array of conferences including: The International Sales and Marketing Conference, The National Braille Association, United Cerebral Palsy, The Midwest Autism Society, University of Utah Hospitals, The Network of Women Entrepreneurs, and The Center for Early Childhood learning.


Professor Berkson is also the creative consultant for the national stage production of Handicap This! a show that helps people of all ages breakdown personal barriers to achieve their potential.


Denis has teamed up with Dr. Robert Frank , best selling author of "The Secret Life of the Dyslexic Child" and founder of "Stay at Home Dad's Monvement" in presenting workshops and keynotes for parents and children with special needs and special dreams.

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