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"What can I say. . .

You were there. . .

Barrriers be gone!”


          ~ participant


rave reviews for denis. . .







of Utah


& Clinics



Village of







of Illinois

" WOW! The staff at the Braille Institute is still talking about your presentation. It is clear that you delivered the "creative jolt"
that we needed. In fact, our Los Angeles staff have adpoted "Choose to help" and "Have fun" as their two operating principles. Many of us have talked about the "What if..." versus "If only..." ideas and how that can free up our thinking andplanning in very positive ways.

Thank you for sharing your uncommon talent and gift for making people see, feel, and hear their own ability to bring creative energy into the workplace. I know your presentation will have a lasting influence on the Braille Institute."

                                            ~ Sally Jameson

                                               Vice President -Programs & Sevices



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

On behalf of the University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics, I can't

thank you enough for helping make National Hospital Week an

extraoridnary success. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your use of creative tools captivated the audience and left a long lasting impression on everyone."

                                            ~ Wendy Bailey, Coordinator

                                               University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics



"On behalf of the entire Advertising Division at Nordstrom, the corporate managers and directors would like to thank you for your inspiration. The three hours that you spent with us and our regional couterparts, during our Advertising Conference accomplished our goals of fostering teamwork, creativity and communication beyound our expectations. Even for those of us fortunate to have seen

you previously, the experience was motivating and gave us a call

to action."


"I appreciate your ability to bring together the people form the various age and ethnic groups who served as Skokie's delegates. Your direction at the rehersals and your sensitivity to individual needs and ablilities allowed the delegation to stage an excellent performance at the awards competition."

                                                               ~Albert J. Rigoni

                                                                 Village Manager                                

“On the evaluation of the weekend the students rated your presentation the highest! I don’t know of anyone who does what you do as well as you do it! You involved our students in an experience which broke through the cobwebs of their minds and helped them “see” their way to new views of the world around them. I know that those references will be extremely helpful in their future.

Thank you for coming to Vassar College!”

                                                                 ~ Raymon P. Parker

                                                                    Assistant Dean

                                                                    of Student Life

“After having booked speakers and designed conference programs for 15 years, I can say that I’m an experienced professional.  I’ve worked with the best in the industry – the megabucks speakers out of New York and California. I have to admit that I’ve never seen anyone who could break down barriers quicker,  mix heavy  message with fun, elicit active  participation from the stuffiest of them,  and leave people taking long after about how your message affected them. You  are a treasure for a program planner!”

                                             ~ Lynn Helmer

                                             National Convention Program Chair

                                             Director Human Resources Development



“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the masterful work you did for us. We have seen three of your topics “in vivo” and full of life they are.  You not only talk about creativity but you demonstrate it in everything you do.  It is so motivating and makes us all believe that we can in fact tap that creativity within ourselves.

I also want to thank you for your sensitivity and commitment to the lives of people with disabilities. Your personal experience is not the “excuse” to be accepted, but becomes the bridge that connects you with the life experiences of others and builds a relationship with
our audiences.

Thanks again, Denis for another excellent experience!”

                                                ~Ruth Henning

                                                   Project Coordinator

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