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"They were right! You shouldn't have missed the final closing session at the 2016 ICEC Fall Convention. What a great way to end a fantastic conference with two very engaging professionals who really understand the field of special education and the special educators who work so hard to serve children with exceptionalities!"

~ ICEC Fall Convention

   Illinois Council for 

   Exceptional Children (ICEC)

Professor Denis Berkson and

Dr. Robert Frank present. . .

"The Wizards of Us"

Denis and nationally known author and psychologist Dr. Robert Frank, present an eye opening journey dealing with the frustrations and challenges of raising a child with a disability. You will learn creative strategies and simple secrets to help you navigate toward the success of your family and child. Throughout the experience you will participate on an interactive journey of discovery. Learn how you can help encourage children of all abilities: to strengthen their imaginations and succeed despite perceived limitations.

Super Special

Children's Workshops

also available!

In these interactive workshops, Bob and Denis will guide your child through the realistic and sensitive world in which they live. Bob and Denis will address the puzzlings ways that their disorder can complicate and compromise their lives. Best of all, Bob and Denis will inspire them to maximize their individual talents and strengths through creative ways that build their self esteem and emotional balance.

Denis Berskson also presents. . .


Denis' creative energy and contagious enthusiasm will engage and motivate your group to achieve team success, increase collaboration and promote Self Leadership.




and. . .

Denis Berkson and his

Special Friends present:




A high energy, fact based journey to help everyone explore their own potential, build personal energy, break inner roadblocks to personal success and unleash their creative

"How to Start

 a Community



Join Denis and three national experts on inclusion, diversity and community activism as they guide and rally your not-for-profit, business, or educational group to exciting new heights of energy participation and group success .

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