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featuring. . .

Interactive Family

Discussion Questions Section. . .

to help create opportunities for learning and

understanding. 50 questions that parents can share

with their children to help them understand and appreciate

the diverse world around them.

"A book all children

   should read

    to their parents. . ."

Hank & Allie
Color Me Pages Section. . .

Get ready to play using any colors you choose. Children use

their imaginations and markers or color pencils, as they imagine the adventures that Hank & Allie might experience!

A young girl named Allie, a wheelchair named Hank and a discovery that

will educate and amaze!

Multiple Copy Ordering Options. . .

                              We are happy to offer "Hank Paks"!

                                     CLICK HERE to learn more. . .

Hank Paks

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