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Click on the bottom right hand window when you are routed to PayPal. Click Choose a Way to Pay and use any credit card, gift card, or your own PayPal account.


6 Hanks @ only $13 ea



12 Hanks @ only $12 ea



25+ Hanks @ only $11ea

+  $  9 shipping & handling



+  $ 11 shipping & handling



+  $ 14 shipping & handling

now available. . .

Hank Paks. . .

A creative option for your gift giving all year round. . .

Hank Paks give you the option of buying multiple copies

and savings all at the same time!





How about this wonderful story to inspire and educate

and at the same time help support your local organization, school, group, or charity.


"Insides mean

     more than

        outsides. . ."

"Keep Your Place". . .
FREE with every order. . .

Order NOW! and receive you're very own non-collectable, shameless self promoting, lightly plastic coated, and

may we add.....useful and charming HANK Bookmark!

Hank Paks



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